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    My journey into the Martial Arts began at the age of 13 in Tang Soo Do, which is a Korean form of Karate, under Master Loke. I did this for a very short time - around three months. For the next 13-14 years I didn't learn any Martial Arts at all. Then, in August 1999, I started training in Wing Chun Kung Fu, under the tution of Sifu Ashley Philips (UKWCKFA), who is a highly-skilled Wing Chun practioner. After training hard four times a week for a few years. I managed to reach an advanced level and also ended up as the assistant instructor at the Canvey Island branch. Shortly after this I realised that this system lacked Ground-Fighting skills which I thought was essential for a complete system. So after a lot of research I came to the conclusion that Gracie Jiu Jitsu was the best Ground-Fighting system available out there. So I bought a book and started teaching myself through the information on its pages with my good friend and training partner Vince Carter. I educated myself from the book for about two months, then, through complete luck, I found a Royce Gracie seminar being held fairly local to where I lived. During training with Royce Gracie at the seminar, I met Dan Burzotto, a world class Ground-Fighter (who in 2011 became the 1st Royce Gracie Black Belt in Europe). I started training with Dan Burzotta (TSGMMA) in 2004 and after three years of one-to-one lessons with him, and training hard on my own, I was awarded my Blue Belt. From then on, I started training in Muay Thai with the very talented Kru Brad Goldberg (BENFLEET MUAY THAI CLUB), I really liked their style of leg blocks, knees and clinch work, which I believed could be added into my own system. I also learnt some Boxing through the Muay Thai training I had undertaken. In 2009, I started training in Judo with a well respected Judoka called Sensei Dean Bolton (CANVEY ISLAND JUDO CLUB), learning additional throws and takedowns, as well as how not to be thrown or taken down. I only went for three months, passing my yellow belt grading with ease (my four grading fights lasted less than 2 minutes altogether, with me winning with two ippons and two submissions). For the last 14 years, I have trained with a very talented guy called Vince Carter, who has trained for over 20 years in various arts; including Karate, Tai Chi Chuan, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Jujutsu, Knife Fighting and Kenjutsu (japanese swordmanship). When training with someone with a different background you cannot help but pick up bits and pieces that you find practical and useful yourself, increasing your own knowledge in the process. Ive started training in Kali (Jan 2014). Im training under Guro Chris Perry and Instructor Rob Drew (W.O.F.A). Adding the essence of Kali into my system can only approve it. On the 17.04.2016 I completed 12 hrs training under Guro Daniel Sullivan in Filipino Boxing ( Dirty Boxing ).ULTIMATE STREET DEFENCE was formed in late December 2012, blending the arts mainly of Wing Chun, Judo, Jujutsu, Muay Thai, Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Mma and Kali together for a practical street scenario self defence system. I still practice now and will never stop learning, training or evolving as a Martial Artist.

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